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28 January 2021
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  Concert DVDs : RS Kamikaze - K Fight Concert  

Concert DVDs : RS Kamikaze - K Fight Concert  

Concert DVDs : RS Kamikaze - K Fight Concert. Feat. Four-Mod, Faye Fang Kaew, Waii, Neko Jump, Knomjean, Timethai, 3.2.1, Thank You, Min and many more.. (2 HD DVDs) [ DVD all zone ]

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Product Descriptions

Concert DVDs : RS Kamikaze - K Fight Concert
คอนเสิร์ต DVDs : RS Kamikaze - K Fight Concert

Date : 13 October 2013
Venue : Royal Paragon Hall

Release date : 4 December 2013

Artists : All Kamikaze

Guests : K-OTIC, Ben Chalatit, Lipta, Baituey, Tor Saksit

[ DVD - All zone ]

Track List

Disc 1

1. Yark dai fan kao peum mai (อยากได้แฟนเก่าเพิ่มไหม) : Four-Mod

2. Medlley : Four-Mod/The Richman Toy

3. Thank you for your love : Thank you

4. Rak kern tua (รักเกินตัว) : Min

5. Honey,I hate you : Thank you/Min

6. Yark klub psi pen puean ther (อยากกลับไปเป็นเพื่อนเธอ) : Thank you

7. Medley : Timethai

8. Rak kwa nee mai mee eek la (รักกว่านี้ไม่มีอีกล่ะ) : Timethai/Tomo

9. Medley : Timethai/Tomo/Poppy

10. Wai roon krung diew (วัยรุ่นครั้งเดียว) : The Demo

11. Medley : Jeff

12. Proong nee yung mee muean derm (พรุ่งนี้ยังมีเหมือนเดิม) : Kanomjean feat. Waii

13. Medley : Kanomjean

14. Medley : Waii

15. Sie jai tae mai care (เสียใจแต่ไม่แคร์) : Waii+Ben Chalatit

Disc 2

1. Harng kan suk puk ( ห่างกันสักพัก) : Ben Chalatit

2. Rak sarm rao (รักสามเรา) : Kanomjean+Waii+Ben Chalatid

3. Medley : Neko Jump

4. Yoo nai chuang prub prung (อยู่ในช่วงปรับปรุง) : Lipta

5. Look Si (Look สิ!) : Neko Jump

6. MSN : Faye+Fang+Kaew

7. Fan khon neung (แฟนคนหนึ่ง) : Faye+Fang+Kaew

8. Medley : Faye+Fang+Kaew

9. Poom rak khun (ผมรักคุณ) : Faye+Fang+Kaew+Tor(โต๋)

10. Rak tong perd nan aok (รักต้องเปิด แน่นอก) : 3.2.1 +Baitoey

11. Medley : 3.2.1 +Baitoey

12. Ther mee ka (เธอมีขา) : 3.2.1

13. Mee eek mai (มีอีกไหม) : 3.2.1

14. Rak tong perd nan aok ( รักต้องเปิด แน่นอก) : All Artists

Special Feature
- Kamikaze Interview

Publisher: RS

Last updated: May 11, 2020

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Customer Reviews

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4 out of 5 stars Kamikaze In Concert
Reviewer : Australian
From : Sydney - Australia

The last concert I reviewed I rewrote after giving it a poor review, and then watching it again.

But again, with this most recent concert, I have to say that most (but not all)of the Kamikaze crew are pretty near talentless. In concert and performing without heavy engineering and editing, most can't sing in tune.

Where does RS find these "Artists"? And why do Thais love teen age girls singing with the voice of 10 year olds? And there are a lot of them.

Surely with a population of 62 million people, RS should be able to find better artists than these. They really woulnd't cut the mustard anywhere else in the world.

If you under the age of 14, and don't realize how bad most of these artists are, and what a goof performance, you will like this concert.

Four stars is a very generous rating.

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