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14 July 2020
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  Karaoke DVD : Earn The Star - Raya Harng Kong Khon Mod Jai  

Karaoke DVD : Earn The Star - Raya Harng Kong Khon Mod Jai  

Karaoke DVD : Earn The Star - Raya Harng Kong Khon Mod Jai Kue Raya Tum Jai Kong Khon Took Ting. New album (6th). 10 tracks.

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Product Descriptions

Karaoke DVD : Earn The Star - Raya Harng Kong Khon Mod Jai Kue Raya Tum Jai Kong Khon Took Ting
คาราโอเกะ DVD : เอิร์น สุรัตน์ติกานต์ ชุด ระยะห่างของคนหมดใจ คือระยะทำใจของคนถูกทิ้ง

Release date : 26 October 2013

Track List

1. Raya harng khong khon mod jai Kue raya tum jai kong khon took ting
ระยะห่างของคนหมดใจ คือระยะทำใจของคนถูกทิ้ง

2. Ying ruk ying nao

3. Na ka...ror noi

4. Suan kern tong dern lum pung

5. Kueb ja ruk leaw roo ru plao

6. Sawanna karn

7. Punha kong ter kue chun Punha kong chun kue ter
ปัญหาของเธอคือฉัน ปัญหาของฉันคือเธอ

8. Kor long khob khon jao choo

9. Pen khon tee kard mai dai Ru kae mee wai kor dee
ป็นคนที่ขาดไม่ได้ หรือแค่มีไว้ก็ดี

10. Ma cha kor dai tae kor hai ma

Publisher: Grammy

Last updated: January 29, 2020

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars Awesome...
Reviewer : Leon Kee
From : Singapore

I have listen earn the star first album ( Toh Ha Krung Sood Tai) all the way till this album.. Album every album are nice.. But this album better a lot.. This album to me dun feel like kampong feel.. Hope GMM Grammy will continue produce her new album.. And also hope she will come to Singapore have her concert..

5 out of 5 stars George Tatton
Reviewer : G Tatton
From : England

choreograph มากกวา คีมากจรีงๆ A real pleasure

4 out of 5 stars GT
Reviewer : G Tatton
From : England

I was very pleased with the performence . plesent surprice to see her for real .More attractive than her cover album .The photography was excelent .Chorography was average but still good .love to see and hear more

5 out of 5 stars Good As Always
Reviewer : Australian
From : Sydney - Australia

This 6th album follows the same pattern as the others. In most of the videos, Earn loses her men to other women. How foolish of them! The songs as usual, are attractive and there is the usual sprinkling of "fun" type songs, I wish they would eliminate.

So, pretty much this album was made in the same mould as the others. If you liked the others, you will like this album. And if you haven't experienced one of Earn's albums, you will like this one.

Attractive lady with an attractive voice. And to have recorded 6 albums, she is obviously popular.

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