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28 September 2021
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  Karaoke VCD : BlueBerry - Vol. 1 Chimi Chimi  

Karaoke VCD : BlueBerry - Vol. 1 Chimi Chimi  

Karaoke VCD : BlueBerry - Vol. 1 Chimi Chimi. Full album. 10 tracks.

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Product Descriptions

Karaoke VCD : BlueBerry - Vol. 1 Chimi Chimi
คาราโอเกะ VCD : บลูเบอร์รี่ ชุดที่ 1 ชิมิ ชิมิ

Release date : 27 October 2010

Track List

1. Chimi : ชิมิ
2. Tho jik : โทรจิก
3. Mee wela tho ma duay ror : มีเวลาโทรมาด้วยเหรอ
4. Kob wai kae ngao : คบไว้แก้เหงา
5. Jao tee raeng : เจ้าที่แรง
6. Leang mai chueng (plueng yah orn) : เลี้ยงไม่เชื่อง (เปลืองหญ้าอ่อน)
7. Suk puk koi pai : สักพักค่อยไป
8. Jao kong ber chob ter na : เจ้าของเบอร์ชอบเธอนะ
9. Song sai yark dai fan : สงสัยอยากได้แฟน
10. BlueBerry : บลูเบอร์รี่ (ผลไม้ในใจแฟน)

Publisher: RS


Last updated: September 17, 2021

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars Sweet Blueberry
Reviewer : Australian
From : Sydney

Blueberry comprises of three very attractive singers, and though I am not sure as their identity, I think they are Fay, Fang & Kaew, who keep popping up on other albums under those names (as a trio).

At times they appear to be like blond bimbos, - but they are not blond, rather they are "brunettes". One has very seductive looks, as though on heat.

But, this is a delightful album, though I initially rejected it after hearing "Chimi Chimi" track 1 and album title, on another VCD.

The songs are mostly disco-ish, fun, and really enjoyable.

There are 3 more "serious" loog thung songs, and the girls perform these admirably.

They are extremely popular in Thailand, and rightly so.

The album is unusual, as at the end, it repeats about 3 of the tracks.

So, for something different from the usual loog thung, get your self Blueberry's debut album. And it isn't going to be the last!

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