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31 July 2021
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  Dragon Ball Z Movie 6 : Attack! 1,000,000 Power Warriors!  

Dragon Ball Z Movie 6 : Attack! 1,000,000 Power Warriors!  

Dragon Ball Z Movie 6: Attack! 1,000,000 Power Warriors!.

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Product Descriptions

Japanese Anime

Dragon Ball Z Movie 6: Attack! 1,000,000 Power Warriors!.
ดราก้อนบอล Z เดอะ มูฟวี่ 6 การกลับมาของคูลเลอร์

Sound : Thai

* This VCD is playable with VCD and DVD players (world wide)

Story :

Our story begins on New Namek, where a giant, planet-sized machine begins to devour the world. The Z warriors catch wind of the plot, and fly off to the crippled planet. By this time, all the inhabitants of Namek have been captured by advanced battle droids, and are being led off to a prison camp where they are to be executed. However, our heros arrive just in time, and save the Nameks from certain death. As the droids prepare for battle, the leader of the machine army, Metal Cooler, reveals himself. He explains that after Cooler was blasted into the sun, the space-faring Big Ghetti Star came across his remains and assimilated Cooler's brain. The only way to sustain the tremendous sphere is to sap large amounts of energy from the cores of planets and its inhabitants. Piccolo, Kuririn, and Gohan begin battle with the robots, but their armor proves to be exceedingly tough to puncture. While his friends are occupied with the droid army, Goku begins to battle Metal Cooler. It isn't long until Goku gains the upper hand, and knocks off one of Metal Cooler's arms. Unfortunately, Cooler regenerates his limb, and informs our hero that the Big Ghetti Star instantaneously corrects weaknesses and repairs damage. Now with better tactics, Metal Cooler begins to win the fight. Yet out of nowhere, Vegita comes to the rescue, and joins Goku in his foray. Meanwhile, Kuririn and Gohan have been captured by the droids, and flown to the prison camp. Only Piccolo remains, and with a huge burst of energy, he evaporates the remaining droids. With the army destroyed, Piccolo flies to the heart of the Big Ghetti Star. Vegita and Goku attack Metal Cooler at full strength, and turn his body into such a fine powder that no regeneration is possibly. Thinking that they have won, they are shocked to see hundreds of Metal Cooler's sliding down a nearby ridge, and running straight towards them. The next thing they know, they are hanging in the main chamber of the Big Ghetti Star by thousands of tiny electrodes. Cooler begins to steal their energy, but finds that the Ki of a Super Saiya-jin is too much to handle. With overloading batteries, the Big Ghetti Star begins to self-destruct. Goku and Vegita, in a final showdown with the massive core of the world-eater, destroy Cooler's remains. The good guys barely manage an escape, and the Big Ghetti Star explodes in a fireball. Namek is left scarred, but no blood is shed this day.


Last updated: December 3, 2019

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