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27 March 2023
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  HK serie : Seven Swordsmen - Box.2  

HK serie : Seven Swordsmen - Box.2  

HK serie : Seven Swordsmen (7 กระบี่ไร้เทียมทาน) - Box.2. Starring Vincent Zhao, Clarence Fok, Ada Choi. (13 VCDs - box set)

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Product Descriptions

HK series

Seven Swordsmen
7 กระบี่ไร้เทียมทาน

Year : 2006

Box.2 - กล่อง 2

Starring : Vincent Zhao, Clarence Fok, Ada Choi
[ เจ้าเหวินจั๋ว - หลี่เหลียงเหว่ย - หวางเสียปิง - ไช่เส้าเฟิน - หลี่เลี่ยวหย่าน ]

Directed by Tsui Hark

Sound : Thai
13 VCDs - box set

**These VCDs are playable with VCD and DVD players (world wide)

Story :

With a cast loaded with big name stars and legendary Hong Kong director Tsui Hark making a long awaited return to the director’s chair Seven Swords was one of the most anticipated films of last year and, consequently, one of the largest disappointments when it failed to live up to lofty expectations. The main problem was a simple one: the story was far too large, far too sprawling, with far too many characters for it to be done justice in two and a half hours. The edit was rushed and cramped and far too many supposedly key figures – including most of the titular heroes – slipped by the wayside doing little more than poking their heads on screen to remind people that they were still around. No such problem with the Hark-produced, made for TV, similarly titled Seven Swordsmen. Tackling the same source material as the theatrical release this version spreads the story over thirty nine forty minute episodes, giving the material plenty of room to breathe and all of their many characters their chance to shine.

An unpopular and illegitimate Emperor has ascended the throne and is ruling China with an iron fist. Believing, correctly, that the common people would like nothing more than to do away with him the Emperor has banned the practice of the martial arts and has sent his army out on a mission to eradicate any who refuse to comply while also seeking out the young, legitimate heir to the throne. The army has done their job well and only one significant pocket of resistance remains, the aptly named Martial Village where the entire population proudly refuses to comply while also harboring the young heir. The army is on the way and, noble or not, there is simply no way that the village can withstand an onslaught of the Emperor’s full military force. Seeing the way things are going the aged Master Fu travels up Mount Heaven to seek the help of an old friend – a master martial artist and sword maker – and recruits the sword maker’s four young disciples – masters all with almost supernatural martial arts abilities – while also securing three additional swords, one for himself and two that will later be given to citizens of the Martial Village. The swords, of course, are themselves supernaturally strong weapons, each with a distinct design and a distinct power that reflects the personality of its bearer. Armed with these swords the seven titular heroes then take up the protection of the villagers and resistance of the Emperor.

Seven Swordsmen is a remarkable achievement, a television series executed on a grand scale with high style. Though it lacks the budget to afford all the bells and whistles of the theatrical release – the special effects are notably lacking – it nonetheless captures the epic feel of the story through the use of some truly stunning locations, excellent and plentiful martial arts, and a lengthy run time that allows viewers to really dig in to the characters. That said the show, and this release, are still both something of a mixed bag.


Last updated: July 12, 2011

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