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08 December 2022
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  Concert DVD : Clash - Army Rock Concert  

Concert DVD : Clash - Army Rock Concert  

Concert DVD : Clash - Army Rock Concert. Lived on 21 July 2007. Venue : Impact Arena. 24 tracks. Guests : 'Nap Retrospect', 'โอซาแวง', 'Silly Fools', 'Chin'. [ DVD 9 - All zone - PAL TV and DVD system required ]

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Product Descriptions

Concert DVD : Clash - Army Rock Concert
คอนเสิร์ต DVD : แครช อาร์มี่ ร็อก คอนเสิร์ต

Date : 21 July 2007
Venue : Impact Arena
Guests : 'Nap Retrospect', 'โอซาแวง', 'Silly Fools', 'Chin'


Special Features :
- Behind the Scenes
- Photo Gallery

Runtime : 129.15 Mins.
Release date : 1 September 2007

[ DVD 9 - All zone - PAL ]

** PAL TV and DVD players required. US and Canada customers, please recheck with your players before making Thai DVD order.

*** Non refundable due to incompatible device ( please make sure that your DVD players and TV are compatible with PAL system )

Track List

1. Tar chon : ท้าชน (Crashing)
2. Emotion
3. Love scene
4. Karng kar : ค้างคา
5. Per : เพ้อ
6. Mue tee rai ai aoon : มือที่ไร้ไออุ่น
7. Overture + zark kon : Overture + ซากคน (Clash, Nap Retrospect & Ocha Wang)
8. Nhao : หนาว
9. Fai ruk : ไฟรัก (Clash, Nap Retrospect & Ocha Wang)
10. Sak wun chun jah pai har ter : สักวันฉันจะไปหาเธอ
11. Wang won : วังวน (Clash & Nap Retrospect)
12. Ji Jah : จิ๊จ๊ะ (Clash & Silly Fools)
13. Flying : Clash & Ben Silly Fools
14. Yim kao wai : ยิ้มเข้าไว้
15. Roke prajum tua : โรคประจำตัว (Clash & Chin)
16. Rub dai took yarng : รับได้ทุกอย่าง
17. Khor ched narm tar : ขอเช็ดน้ำตา
18. Khor jeb tan : ขอเจ็บแทน
19. Ter : เธอ
20. Sudjah atitharn : สัจอธิษฐาน
21. Sai rai pai sri : ใส่ร้ายป้ายสี
22. Ror : รอ
23. Ter jah yoo gub chun talord pai : เธอจะอยู่กับฉันตลอดไป

Publisher: Grammy


Last updated: September 19, 2022

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars One Word \
Reviewer : Victor Tiznado
From : C.G., Arizona

This DVD is Packed with Stars!! A must for any Clash fan or beginner Fan of this Awesome Band! This DVD would make u wish You where there! VERY satisfied with this Awesome Purchase Hope someday there will be A Hi Def Version of this. This deserves that royal Treatment :D!!! ROCK ON CLASH! MUCHO GRACIAS in my native language Spanish aka MEXICAN :P Love from the other side of the world

5 out of 5 stars Amazing.
Reviewer : Nittra
From : adelaide South Ausrtalia

I watched this dvd, Clash Amy Rock Concert, ten times. They are amazing. The best performance talent including special guests as well. They are the best rock band ever. I think is worth buying. 10/10 keep it up good work Clash.

5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer : Nittra
From : Adelaide South Ausrtalia.

I wacthed this dvd of clash amy rock concert 10 time is the best they are awesome performance inclue another guest. I think clash is best rock band ever.

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