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20 May 2019
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  Snow Flakes [ DVD ]  

Snow Flakes [ DVD ]  

Snow Flakes [ DVD ]. 5 DVDs. Starring Gong Hyo-Jin, Cho Jae-Hyun, Oh Yeon-Soo, Kim Rae-Won (from 'Love Story in Harvard'). [ Thai / Korean soundtrack ] [ Thai subtitle ] [ DVD all zone - PAL TV and DVD system required ]

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Product Descriptions

Korean TV series

Snow Flakes

Starring : Gong Hyo-Jin, Cho Jae-Hyun, Oh Yeon-Soo, Kim Rae-Won
[ กองโฮจิน - คิมแรวอน - แจฮวนจู - โฮเยนซู ]

5 DVDs
Box Set

Language :
- Thai (5.1)
- Korean (5.1)

Subtitle : Thai
Runtime : 20 Hrs.

[ DVD - All zone - PAL ]

** PAL TV and DVD players required. US and Canada customers, please recheck with your players before making Thai DVD order.

*** Non refundable due to incompatible device ( please make sure that your DVD players and TV are compatible with PAL system )

Story :

Yeon-Wook's parents died in a car accident and she has been living with her elder sister. The world is too tough for two girls to live through but Yeon-Wook knows how to fight it and how to make the world smile at her. Just like the snow flakes soar lightly in the air, Yeon-Wook knows how to dust off her troubles. She makes the world smile at her and she knows how to make the cheers for her neighbors.
And one day, she meets the toughest aspect in her life as she falls in love with the man her sister once loved. Deeper the pain of love, she will learn the m ore beautiful side of life.

The first meeting for Yeon-Wook and Pil-Seung was not destined. And that day, they were both in a down mood.

Pil-Seung was arresting a group of high school girls and Yeon-Wook was angry to be treated like one of them. So she stole Pil-Seung's handcuffs. He was enraged when he found out and set out to look for the bitch who stole his handcuffs. But soon, the girl appeared in front of him with her hand handcuffed. She was fooling around only to have her hands caught in the handcuffs. And he is miserable to find out that she is the sister of Yeon-Jung, the woman he is in love with.

Pil-Seung, unwillingly, has to be nice to Yeon-Wook because she is the closest one to Yeon-Jung who can be a great help when he proposes a marriage to Yeon-Jung. He buys Yeon-Wook presents, dinner... he even takes her a sightseeing to the prison as her wish. But Yeon-Wook is not giving back enough. She talks ill of her sister to him, would not give his phone to her, comes out to join the lover's date, makes and spreads rumours... But the time goes and Pil-Seung find Yeon-Wook's naughty behaviour cute.

The day when Yeon-Wook and Sung-Joon came across was not a good day either for the two. Sung-Joon was involved in a fight during the ice hockey match and he had to come to the police station. There he saw a high school girl yelling at a policeman. Finding her rather interesting, he gives her a ticket to his next match. But she does not come. He is upset to see her treating him no better than a pebble stone. He has been proud of himself always surrounded by the female worshipers. He can not help but feeling especially upset at her ignorance. So he decides to come to her himself. When he found her she is only too busy trying to chase away Pil-Seung from her sister. Consequently, he gets used by her.

In fact, Sung-Joon is only a nuisance to Yeon-Wook. Her friend Sang-Hee keeps telling her how attractive he is, but Yeon-Wook is just too busy to chase away Pil-Seung from her sister, Yeon-Jung. She has no time to look at Sang-Joon and hates him following her 24 hours a day. But more Yeon-Wook ignores Sang-Joon, the deeper his love goes for her.


Last updated: March 16, 2019

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