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30 January 2023
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  Taiwanese serie : True Love (Complete set)  

Taiwanese serie : True Love (Complete set)  

Taiwanese serie : True Love (AKA.The Deal is 18 Years Old). Starring Shi Yi Nan, Lin Yi Chen, Zhang Yu Chen, Ma Zhi Xiang. (21 VCDs - Complete set)

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Product Descriptions

Taiwanese serie

True Love (AKA.The Deal is 18 Years Old)

Complete set

Starring : Shi Yi Nan, Lin Yi Chen, Zhang Yu Chen, Ma Zhi Xiang
[ ซืออี้หนาน, หลินอีเฉิง, หม่าจื้อเสียง, จางยวี่เฉิน ]

Vol. 1-21
Box set - 21 VCDs
Sound : Thai

* These VCDs are playable with VCD and DVD players (world wide)

Story :

He Fan is a master liquor master. He has a handsome appearance plus a sense of beauty with a creative ability at bartending. Not only has he become the attention of all the media, but he also becomes the master target of a High School. For the purpose of his dream to open up a bar that belongs to him, He Fan accepted the school director's financial help. He also agreed to go to the school to take on a teaching position as a means of exchanging conditions.

The jealousy and envy of a lot of teachers causes them to welcome He Fan with coldness and aloofness. But, use to coming and going by himself and not socializing well, He Fan gets into a violent clash with the students on his first day. Especially with a female student within the class, Xiao Tong. Not only do they clash at the first moment, but they both left each other a very vile impression. But as each day goes on, Xiao Tong starts feeling for the first time that her admiration toward the teacher is already not as pure as that out of respectfulness. And that there is a development of feelings that should only be between man and woman. This makes He Fan unsure of what to do. But he also can't bear to leave her aside and not care about her.

In the class, Xiao Tong has a good friend, Liang Zi and a good buddy, Zi Ji. There is nothing that the three of them won't talk about and Zi Ji has always had a secret crush on Xiao Tong. But he has never dared to express his feelings to her. Being the shy person that he is, he would rather secretly write love letters to her. One letter a day, just like his love-sickness, doesn't stop and doesn’t change. In order to not let fellow students know, Zi Ji would go as far as to be the first one to arrive in school so that he could personally place the love letters inside Xiao Tong's desk.

Liang Zi is Zi Ji and Xiao Tong's good friend. And is also a girl who's fashionable and loves to have fun. Usually, she is very fond of dragging Xiao Tong around to take sticker pictures. She will not miss out on any style of stickers. Each time, as long as Xiao Tong, has taken a new style of stickers, Zi Ji would take one from her to remember by. He nearly has stuck a full notebook full of pictures. Liang Zi, who doesn't know that Zi Ji has a secret crush on Xiao Tong, misunderstands and thinks that the one who Zi Ji has a crush on is herself.

He Fan's dream is to open up a bar. In order to have some interaction with the students, He Fan lets Xiao Tong, Liang Zi, Zi Ji, to go to the bar to help set up things. The only other person that would go to the bar to help out is Song Xin Chen. Song Xin Chen and He Fan have been acquainted with each for many years. This point makes Xiao Tong very unhappy in her heart.

As a result, He Fan, Xin Chen and Xiao Tong gets in a triangular relationship that couldn't be solved. And Zi Ji guards by Xiao Tong's side with no complaints and no regrets. This also makes Liang Zi's heart feel very painful. One is a good friend, the other is the person that her heart has a crush on. The three of them is also thrown into a love triangle. As for Song Xin Chen's ex-boyfriend, Meng Xiang, after a maltreatment, he hides in this school as a psychological teacher. What kind of ripples would he and Song Xin Chen stir up once they meet up? Meng Xiang, He Fan and Xin Chen’s triangular relationship is also another hard to solve problem.


Last updated: March 13, 2018

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