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20 November 2018
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  The Memory [ VCD ]  

The Memory [ VCD ]  

Thai movie : The Memory (Ruk Jung) - 醚〃学. Starring Film Rattapoom Tokongsrub, Paula Taylor, Pong Larng Sa-orn.

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Product Descriptions

Romance / Comedy

The Memory (Ruk Jung)

Year : 2006

Starring : Film Rattapoom Tokongsrub, Paula Taylor, Pong Larng Sa-orn
[ 醚袄倭 獾ぇ访丫蚂, 就排枰 喾嗯柰渺, 饣咬市屯 ]

Director : Hemund Chetamee
嗨裂沟 嗒盗

2 VCDs
Sound : Thai
Runtime : 103 mins
Release date : 14 September 2006

* Playable with DVD and VCD players (world wide )

Story :

Film, a superstar who lost his memory by an accident and Ja, a paparazzi girl who follows and snaps every shots of Film for money. They meet each other by fate somewhere in the North where surrounded by romantic scenery. The two who used to be enemy finally fall in love before Film gets his memory back, but couldn't recognize the girl he met in the North. All of his memory about her is really fade, only the warm touch of the girl he can recall. He believes she's waiting for him somewhere far far away.


伺学ㄒ 眯崾吭澎量锗峭渺卧典环谚腔眯喾 吭澎 - 醚袄倭 獾ぇ访丫蚂 嗷兔焓狄渺柰囱 唷源鸵∫绵斯绱嗨棺柰隆押ぴ千夜峁韫嗤臻麓 ü甸艇伺轰痪选艰凸庞狙Г灌凑虑芬Ю窑嗨棺 岬栲≡赐睾训脏说劂姑兴氰咬啻怨芬 拓貉翟嗨地っ验Ч臻酚闼榭耘炝寿收陇且练莽ㄓ浠 啶靡兴齑辗砧吭澎龄撮醚氦且联枨锣伺淄ㄒ 磐 (驼甏 饣咬市屯 - 柿晶伸 へ挂幻卸) 卿仿蕾啖沂卮伺柰幻楔铀临韬橐 磐嗷绻氛杷烈禄艇⑼ 鸵盆 (乓盆 - 拓 ⑶循估 嗝淄谜) ⊙ 鸵刨 (刨刨 - 辞 辞凑 贺用丕) 释仪描亦迷卮 氛栳㈣п妈А压驹点ㄅ瞳

磐 守此盆 (嗨抛袜≡) 锹吭澎龄情 獯落凌觅楱选嗷兔焓狄渺す拐猷怕 磐笛椐柰闼凌闼榭耘炝 岷氦砰艇ㄍА押柰肆俜砧嗯臻搂吐勹 氰 '鸵伺' 吨瞳侉蟹臃枰淞柰乱∶押酪眯促崤鸵伺 岬瑷贯砰迁姑痛 磐$慌柰裸碎鸵伺胰崖吐勹撮锹嗝阻吐烈 で伊涿猷凑搂室闶柰⑼Э耘炝 酚闼榱缘美揖眯饲枰瞳佟押吭澎 狙补舀灌柿淄灌荤故烈°工猛氦醚青凑虑⊙

崃楱型沦韬孤痛赐落∨崾逛∨ 吭澎谅学淞枨衣 竞⊙  (就排枰 喾嗯兔) 室腔一颐咽璺砧∮叛Ф学岬 ㄖЬ乱乱潦卮姆冈爨咀柰闼殇撮酪距寸储艇嗷兔焓狄渺 烈⒁率庸选驹辆 宜茄Ж朽$豪揖叛亨┚倚⑼Э耘炝烈酚嗷绻脱藕验立衣 ㄖ意汀沂恪砰

峦创吐氛桎∨崾逛∨ 丛贯垂闶柰好允胤冈 好寐摇胰是搂伊 ⊙氦且了挂青络狗砧守川锈冕凉翟 酚闼楂汆煌渺实颐飒阻痛学⊙亨寺砧虑㈣仪灰灰醚诗砧 氛栲ぢ嗷绻淞猷鹤柰淞猷烈⊙ 浯榉婴且撩匍ㄑ〉亚鸳⑼А压崤小压 ü唷源嗷绻で伊假【压

嗔阻涂耘炝浯椤叛菏勹馀、艇で伊嗷绻鸳 氛 吭澎 醚袄倭 嗷绻嗷兔焓狄渺氛枇摘阻袜收搂獯瑙囱 吭澎痢叛酣川余米柰仪汗峦创吐淞桎撮嗯 嗨抛袜菊搂で伊访Ж优咬嗯淄 ⑼仪氛杩耘炝ùㄓ浯猷菊搂恃良咽ㄒ×淄脱雇和罔耿艇喔

崃榭耘炝ㄐ淞杳匍氰亦竿嗷绻悚 嗣淄吐勹氛桎斯 岬桡工且练莽ㄓ乓о抛凸寡楣 吭澎撩押觅殇撮氰 喔兔袜⒁吐勹 氛栳髓с瘁髓怪瑙 氛桎∨崾逛∨ 氛璺砧琳室滤镣 崤信了挂 崤辛锗菊搂∫盟亦竿闼榫亨疯夜验 吨Ж谢糯慌柰锣⒁ㄒ·且炼窃潘 嗒韫拐...


Last updated: March 4, 2018

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars Question!!
Reviewer : Valentine
From : Canada

Sorry, this isn't a review but does this disc have english subtitles? But this movie sounds sooo good and cute!! I can't find it anywhere, that's why I want to buy it here! But I must be able to understand it lol

1 out of 5 stars is the best thai moive ever
Reviewer : keko
From : mpls,mn

this has a scent of culture and love... i love this movie... though there is some part that annoys meh... this movie shows the other side of why thailand is a wounderful place.

5 out of 5 stars Great Movie
Reviewer :
From : Newark, DE USA

This movie was very sad and funny at the same time. Film and Paula were so cute together in this movie. I loved it! From the part when Film got his memory back until the end I thought it was sad because he couldn't remember Ja (Paula). Overall, the movie was GREAT!!;)

5 out of 5 stars film is cute
Reviewer : stephanie
From : St.paul,MN USA

wow.... it must be a sad and good movie. The summary sound good. i think film is so cute in every movie even if it a sad or fighting movie he still look cute.!!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars seen-n-thailand
Reviewer : PV
From : MN, USA

This is a must see for romance drama lover. It's the best of the best! My order's on the way...Excited...can't wait till it gets here!!sooonnnn....

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