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29 November 2023
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  Godzilla : King Kong VS Godzilla [ DVD ]  

Godzilla : King Kong VS Godzilla [ DVD ]  

Godzilla : King Kong VS Godzilla [ DVD ]. Starring Tadao Takashima, Kenji Sahara, Yu Fujiki, Ichiro Arishima, Jun Tazaki, Akihiko Hirata, Mie Hama. [ Thai / Japanese soundtrack ] [ Thai subtitle ] - NTSC system (All zone) -

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Product Descriptions

Action / Adventure

Godzilla : King Kong VS Godzilla
ก็อดซิลล่า คิงคองปะทะก๊อตซิลล่า

Starring : Tadao Takashima, Kenji Sahara, Yu Fujiki, Ichiro Arishima, Jun Tazaki, Akihiko Hirata, Mie Hama

Director : Ishiro Honda

Year : 1962

Screenformat : Anamorphic Widescreen

Special Feature :
- Trailer
- More Attraction

Language :
- Thai (5.1)
- Thai (DTS)
- Japanese (5.1)
Subtitle : Thai
Runtime : 94.10 Mins.

[ DVD 9 - All Zone - NTSC ]

* eThaiCD.com does not accept returns or refund for region incompatibility *

Story :

Mr. Tako, the chairman of a pharmaceutical company, learns of roma tomato-sized berries that grow on Farou Island, are a miracle cure, and that the natives worship a god called Kingkong who has allegedly grown to giant size from eating the berries. What better way to promote the product, Tako figures, than to bring the creature back to Japan? So he leads an expedition with Sakurai and Furue to get the berries and the monster. Meanwhile, some American pilots discover the chunk of the glacier Godzilla was sealed in back in 1955. Sakurai's sister's boyfriend Kazuo is busy trying to sell an invisible but superstrong wire, which of course no one wants until Kong escapes

Last updated: August 14, 2019

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Customer Reviews

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3 out of 5 stars Good.
Reviewer : Eastwood
From : Hilo, Hawai'i, USA

I bought this DVD back in October 2008 and if you are like me and you are in the US then there is no Japanese version of the film on the US DVD. The video is sourced off the Japanese print which is in horrible shape but that is a given considering the movie is over 40 years old. Also, I noticed that the film is missing a chunk of footage at the beginning of the film, maybe due to censorship. But you will not notice it unless you have the seen the Japanese version before. The only bonus material is a theatrical trailer and some odd video of a crew assembling a giant poster of the film.

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