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03 June 2023
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  Gerd Ma Lui 1 [ VCD ]  

Gerd Ma Lui 1 [ VCD ]  

Thai movie : Gerd Ma Lui 1 - เกิดมาลุย. Starring Punna Litkrai, Hernfah Khwangmhek. (original version of Born To Fight)

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Product Descriptions


Gerd Ma Lui 1

Starring : Punna Litkrai, Hernfah Khwangmhek
[ พันนา ฤทธิ์ไกร - เหิรฟ้า แขวงเมฆ ]

2 VCDs
Sound : Thai
Runtime : 95 Mins.

** Playable with DVD and VCD players (world wide)

Story :

เถียนฟง แอบไปรู้เบื้องหลังของพวกเหล่าร้าย จึงหลบหนีเข้ามาเมืองไทย และได้ถูกพวกเหล่าร้ายตามล่า ตำรวจฮ่องกงประสานงานกับตำรวจไทยให้ช่วยคุ้มครอง เถียนฟงถูกพวกมือล่าแก๊งมังกรจับตัวไป ธงตำรวจมือดี (พันนา ฤทธิ์ไกร) ตามไปช่วยและเกิดการต่อสู้...ที่สุดโหด สุดมันส์... ธงจะช่วยเถียนฟงได้หรือไม่

Last updated: October 31, 2019

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer : Graeme Noble
From : Scotland

Gerd Ma Lui (1984)

Starring and Directed by: Panna Rittikrai

Plot Outline: The only way I could see this movie was on a Thai vcd with no subtitles. Therefore I do not know what the plot is.

Gerd Ma Lui is the first Thai action film to show the talents of Panna Rittikrai, and this film is similar to the modern classic Ong-Bak in its style and choreography. However Ong-Bak lacked any real choreography, whilst Gerd Ma Lui at least features some choreography, especially during the weaponry fights. For those of you who think that only Tony Jaa can display skills beyond humanity, you are all wrong. Panna trained Jaa, and Panna is as good, Im telling you now. The movie itself is flooded with action, and unlike early Hong Kong kung fu flicks, this movie has only about 5 or 6 action scenes but they are extremely long and dont get boring whatsoever. Consistently breathtaking, whilst Hong Kong films had around 10 or 12 small average action scenes. I am being a little unfair to early Hong Kong films, but there are a lot of bad ones out there with rushed action, and when I compare it to this I cant help but criticise. People such as Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Bruce Lee and Yuen Woo-Ping are the cream of people who can make top quality martial arts films, and I would like to add Panna Rittikrai to that list.

I just want to make note that there are five stuntmen who Panna fights throughout the entire movie, and they are all skilled and look highly trained. Okay, now lets talk about the action in this particular movie.

After around 10 minutes of who knows what, we come to the first action scene of the movie. This is actually the shortest fight out of them all, it features all 5 stuntmen beating up a group of men. No real choreography here, just a chance for the stuntmen to display their skills, typical Thai kicking style, and the usual falls onto wooden tables, some good slow-motion effects too. Good opening scene.

The next scene lasts around twenty minutes and from start to finish it is stunning. Panna first of all displays several different moves in training, and he looks extremely acrobatic. He then uses a stick and demonstrates some good looking moves, many of which are similar to the wu-shu performers in the documentary this is Kung Fu.

After displaying his skills, the five stuntmen appear out of nowhere, just for an excuse to fight apparently, and Panna takes them on all individually. The first fight is a kendo style fight, and Pannas choreography for weapon work ranks up there with Sammo, if not better, fast furious and beautiful. The fight finishes with some lethal blows from Panna and includes some good lightning fast hand-to-hand choreography. Panna then fights stuntman 2, and its a straight unarmed fight featuring some kicking movements. Not only does Panna look good but so does the stuntman, and they both go at it as if they have nothing to loose, brilliant! The next fight is a sword fight I think, and its again well choreographed, with Panna throwing a unique style to good effect. Its then followed by a stick fight, and all weapon work found here is amazing and if you are not a fan of weapons in Kung Fu films, please watch this and think again. Panna fights another stuntman soon after and displays some mantis/snake style which looks great for a thai film, but obviously borrowed from Jackie Chan in Snake in the Eagles Shadow or perhaps some other old school flick. Anyway, the style looks good and the fight is not slow but fast, and there are some fierce kicks thrown in for good effect, with the use of slow-motion once again. The end of this massive scene sees Panna really show his acrobatic side, delivering some heavy blows which all look real by the way. Also, his kicking is breathtaking.

The next fight is a group brawl and lasts around 3 minutes. Probably the weakest fight in the movie but still very impressive. It starts with some basic punching techniques and then Panna goes for each stuntman by kicking them off tables and everything. Some loose choreography here but its still fast and fun. Also, the stuntmen take some painful and very impressive falls, flips and blows. Amazing to watch, so refreshing. This scene clearly shows the influence it had over Ong-Bak as the moves of Panna are very similar to Jaa, only here we get some good choreography thrown in, and good opponents too J

The next fight is quite long, lasting around 5 minutes, Panna fights the group of stuntmen and it takes place in a sandy surrounding. There is less emphasis on choreography here, instead we get to see Pannas very impressive moves and his stuntmens very impressive falls etc. This reminds me of Ong-Bak a lot, but its better here. Panna flies all over the place delivering blows, and there is one scene, Panna jumps up and kicks one guy, and then another one straight after delivers the exact same move on Panna. Great stuff. Also, Panna jumps over motorbikes, kicks men off of motorbikes and leaps at anyone he can get his hands on. Insane scene but also very very good.

Immediately after that we get a motorbike chase, which is very exciting. In between the chase, Panna and his stuntmen take some brutal falls, some of which I have captured below. It seems as if they took some hard knocks during this film.

Now, we come to the grand finale. Panna fights the stuntmen again, and it is a lengthy fight scene too, lasting around 7 minutes. It starts off very well, some crisp and fast choreography, a little thai boxing thrown in for good effect. Some good boxing techniques used here too, After a little boxing, we get to see some very impressive kicks, as Panna and his stuntmen just go for each other. I have to say I love the way Panna uses the slow motion techniques in his movies. After some kicking, one of the stuntmen gets out a sword and Panna fights him with two sticks. Again, another excellent weaponry fight, very fast and the contacts of the weapons look real. After this, the fight gets brutal. Real blows delivered and it looks nasty at times but beautiful at the same time. One particular punch delivered by Panna looks very painful, and you can see the reality of it all. The finale ends when Panna goes onto the wooden platform, and kicks a few of the stuntmen off with painful but impressive kicks, and the falls look great.

Okay, thats the movie described in detail. Ithink this is the only review of this movie on the entire internet so I hope you can now see the glories of it. But people who like Ong-Bak and think that it is amazing, you have to check this film out because in my opinion it is one step above Ong-Bak. Panna Rittikrai works wonders in his action direction, and he looks amazing on screen as well. All of his stuntmen deserve an award along with Panna.

A true classic, must be seen.

Order this film from ethaicd now. Its very cheap.

5/5 Breathtaking Fight Choreography.

Graeme Noble - www.angelfire.com/planet/kungfu35/home

5 out of 5 stars Must-see for Ong Bak fans
Reviewer : Eric Jacobus
From : San Francisco, CA USA

Tons of fight scenes that feature real hits, painful falls, and good choreography. There are some intense stunts involving dirt bikes too. The end scene features Panna fighting against the same 5 stuntmen who fight him throughout the entire film. They go through kickboxing, thai boxing, throws, you name it. Not to mention the weapon fighting, which is some of the best I've ever seen. All while breaking through the wooden structure they're fighting around. The falls in this are unbelievable. You'll be a Panna fan after this, guaranteed.

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