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15 August 2022
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  HK serie : Lady Fan  

HK serie : Lady Fan  

HK serie : Lady Fan. Starring Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Mimi Lo, Cindy Au. Complete set (13 VCDs - box set).

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Product Descriptions

HK serie (TVB)

Lady Fan

Starring : Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Mimi Lo, Cindy Au
[ ซุนซวน, หม่าเต๊อะจง, ซึซิว, เจียงจื่อหนี ]

( 13 VCDs : box set )
Sound : Thai

**These VCDs are playable with VCD and DVD players (world wide)

Story :

General FAN has arranged a marriage for his daughter, FA, with another general, YEUNG. The day before the marriage, FA runs away from home to look for her ultimate lover, the White-gowned Warrior. KWAI, the best general of the Tong Empire, goes to war against some invaders. FA returns to her country to help. She spots a white-gowned warrior during a battle and uses her magic to capture and release him three times. Apparently, the warrior is KWAI’s son, SHAN, who later cancels the engagement with FA and flees back to the mainland.

FA chases after SHAN and demands that he marry her. SHAN is forced to take FA back home with him after she gets hurt during a battle. In fact, SHAN loves his teacher’s daughter, TING. Moreover, FA is not really welcomed by SHAN’s family. However, the Tong Emperor finds FA useful in battle, so he orders SHAN to marry her. On their wedding day, invaders are at the border again…


ฝานหง แม่ทัพแห่งเมืองซีเหลียง ยกบุตรสาว ฝานหลีฮัว (ซุนซวน) ให้แก่แม่ทัพใหญ่หยางฝาน (เจิ้นเว่ยเฉียน) แต่ในวันแต่งงาน หลีฮัวหนีออกจากบ้านเพื่อตามหาขุนศึกชุดขาว เนื้อคู่แต่ปางก่อนตามที่อาจารย์ของเธอได้ทำนายไว้ ขณะเดียวกัน เซี้ยะเยิ้นกุ้ย (ซึซิว) แม่ทัพแห่งเมืองต้าถัง ยกทัพมาตีเมืองซีเหลียง หลีฮัวจึงกลับไปช่วยบิดาทำศึก และเธอก็ได้พบกับขุนศึกชุดขาวซึ่งแท้จริงคือติงซาน (หม่าเต๊อะจง) บุตรชายของเซี้ยะเยิ้นกุ้ยนั่นเอง เมื่อติงซานหนีกลับต้าถัง หลีฮัวจึงตามไปและรู้ว่าติงซานชอบพออยู่กับเฉิงจิงติง (เจียงจื่อหนี) ส่วนตัวเธอก็ไม่เป็นที่ยอมรับของตระกูลเซี้ยะ ทว่าจักรพรรดิต้าถังเห็นว่าหลีฮัวมีประโยชน์ต่อแผ่นดินต้าถัง จึงบัญชาให้ติงซานแต่งงานกับหลีฮัว ในวันวิวาห์ของพวกเขา แม่ทัพหยางฝานยกทัพมาประชิดเมืองต้าถัง

Last updated: February 1, 2011

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Customer Reviews

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4 out of 5 stars The movie is pretty good.
Reviewer : poor girl
From : tx

The movie is pretty good, but it's not the best one I've seen. I keep watching the discs and hope the main characters get together. Finally, near the end of the discs things begin to work out for the couple. ;-) Unfortunately, my last cd was screwed up at the end. and I couldn't watch the happy ending smoothly. :-(

5 out of 5 stars jessica is the best
Reviewer : som
From : usa

jessica is such a good actress her part in this movie really match her.she always play her part as if thats really happening to her.all i got to say is this movie is the bomb.but i think they should change the main guy because he is not so attrative.

5 out of 5 stars Different and Original
Reviewer :
From : Saint Paul,MN USA

Lady Fan was a very fun and dfferent chinese series than most of the Chinese serious i have seen before. Jessica Hsuan acting as Lady Fan was wonderful, she was a great actress, perfect for this part. The series also kept your attention well. The characters of the movie was kept to a low amount so you'll get the theme. All the clothings for the characters was beautiful and not over dramatic. For me, the last couple really got my attention and really make me want to see the end, but once it did end, I was sad that it has to end.

5 out of 5 stars An Ancient Peace Keeper !
Reviewer :
From :

Chinese History has the most number of the closest to fictitious sub-stories and Lady Fan is one of them. The epic drama set during the Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) with conflicts of the East and the West Turks Empires. Jessica Hsuan plays Fan Lei Fa, the stubborn heroine from the west who believed in 'peace' between the East and the West China. Fan Lei Fa went overboard by sticking to her Master's predicament of marrying herself to Sit Ting San (Joe Ma), the son of the General Sit from the Eastern Empire. Fan Lei Fa did it all by force but finding herself falling in love with the man. She sacrificed, suffered the caste humiliation from her own husband and his family but her heart-of-gold-character won the peace mission that would deserve the United Nations Peace Prize Award in today's world. The props are thoughtfully crafted with green as a color theme for Fan's family palace depicting the Arab's influences including the feasts and costumes. Jessica's acting experience renders her role as Lady Fan extremely well but marred by Joe's performance. He spoils the good broth !

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