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08 March 2021
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  Karaoke VCD : Kat English - Lucky Girl  

Karaoke VCD : Kat English - Lucky Girl  

Karaoke VCD : Kat English - Lucky Girl. New album. 11 tracks. Feat. I Think I (Thai version). (with English subtitles)

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Product Descriptions

Karaoke VCD : Kat English - Lucky Girl
คาราโอเกะ VCD : แคท อิงลิช ชุด Lucky Girl

Release date : 17 December 2005

Track List

1. Burn
2. Zarb sar : ซาบซ่า
3. Baby I miss you
4. Oh baby
5. I think I (Thai Version)
6. Game : เกม
7. Move ya body
8. Hai jai ting : หายใจทิ้ง
9. Poo ying khee klard : ผู้หญิงขี้ขลาด
10. Lucky girl
11. Mai mee took mai mee pid : ไม่มีถูกไม่มีผิด

Publisher: Grammy

Last updated: January 24, 2013

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars the best
Reviewer :
From : Seattle, Wa

it's the best cd she made.. love it

5 out of 5 stars Kat is the best
Reviewer : J
From : yay area, ca USA

Yo CkRazY you need to chill okay, who do u think you are???? anyone can say their opioin about any singer they want to. You have no rite to say anything or tell anyone to do anything. For your info Kat English is a beautiful, talented and etc singer, actress and model. I give her a 5 stars and another 5 stars. She deserved it more. You got anything else to say???

5 out of 5 stars kat english
Reviewer :
From : usa

i love her songs and she is preety.

5 out of 5 stars T- town
Reviewer :
From : Tacoma,WA USA

This album is very good. All the songs are great. I'm usually not a asian music listener, but this album got me started. lol.........now a big Kat English fan.

5 out of 5 stars kat vs. tata?
Reviewer :
From : Seattle,WA

wow tata or kat huh? honestly i think kat is prettier, has a better voice, better music, and just better then tata. lol. i love this album. her fast songs are really good too. i like some of tata's songs too but i just think that if kat sings it, it will be much better cause i hate tata's voice. :]

5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer : CkRazY
From : china

yall fukken CKrazy. who cares if you like this person more than that person. thats your opinion. you don't have to put down other ppl. i bet you cant do better

5 out of 5 stars a Katreeya fan
Reviewer : kerry_kayla-love_xiong
From : MN, USA

I honestly do not know what the deal is about katreeya and Tata, (from the other reviews), but I do know that Katreeya is what you can call, the bomb!!! She's awesome, in singing and in everything else that she does. Her vcds are nice and well thought out, and she has great choriography. She's gotta be #1!!!! -.-

5 out of 5 stars good
Reviewer : jamie
From : texas

this album was better than her last she used her vocal lessons right... but i still like tata try tata singing one of kat's thai mixed with english songs and i bet she would be able to go through different pitches.. kat sings on one tone most of the time... but yeah kat has done a good job with this album =)

5 out of 5 stars excuse me
Reviewer : lena
From : fl usa

kat -dat girl has got a killer body, i think everyone despises her. but um, tata is so not better than kat. they're just about even so dont get them rivalry thing goin on.

5 out of 5 stars Soooo cool!!!
Reviewer : Tracy Saetern
From : Sacramento CA

Wow this album is sooo... good I have to get
it!!! I love your voice alot.. keep singing...

5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer : nune
From : Portland, OR

i alwayz liked kat and i love the song i think i , i havent had time to acually get the cd and her vcd but im going too.

5 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT
Reviewer : Gab
From : Sao Paulo, SP BRASIL

Kat is getting better and better!!! Shes becoming more trendy and dats AWSOME!!! Hope she starts recording Hip-Hop juz like Namie Amuro (J-POP) does!!!


3 out of 5 stars Another wanna be.......
Reviewer :
From : USA

I don't know but i don't like this album as much as her previous. In her karaoke-lucky girl, her looks and dressing reminds me of another wanna be Jennifer lopez.

5 out of 5 stars thanx 4 da help
Reviewer :


4 out of 5 stars aAawWw
Reviewer : aNoNyMoUs
From : Sacramento, CA

when my friend first introduced me with I THINK I song...i liked it right away even though i do not understand the song...just the English part. it still sounds good!
now i need you...lalallaa

5 out of 5 stars Kat-Lucky Girl
Reviewer :
From : San Bernardino, CA USA

I like this album because it has a mix of rap, r & b, dance, and so much more. This is a pretty good album.

5 out of 5 stars #1
Reviewer : lay
From : lowell,ma usa

this is the best album i like this album very much i like the way u dance the way u sing i love your style be the way u are

5 out of 5 stars I ThiNk I......
Reviewer : I ThiNk I.......
From : StocKtOn, CaliforniA USA

I ThiNk I LUv It cuz its better than tata to me but tata was good back then in tha old days but now i dont like tha style so KaT iS #1

3 out of 5 stars its good
Reviewer : Krai Euy
From : USA

well, this is the best album kat has put out, she has the good looks, dancing, but tata has the voice hands down!

5 out of 5 stars Love Kat
Reviewer : viv
From : Boston, MA

This abulm is the best of Kat, I like your voice alot.
Kat no matter what i'm still your biggest fan.

5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer :
From :


5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer : amy =)
From : ft. worth TX

i havent heard kat's english album or what so ever but to judge her thai with Tata.. i strongly believe that Tata's voice is obviously better.. i think she has more of a unique and control of her voice..but her english songs arent all that great...

4 out of 5 stars I love kat's voice
Reviewer : don
From : Boston, USA

kat+tata ,they both are good in different way, if talk about slow song kat made me feel in love with her song .But talk about fast music and teenage's voice I love tata's.the matter what you all thing ,kat+tata still in my heart;soul 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars oo !!
Reviewer : karen
From : thee 90NE6

haha lovin` this album . :] kat is a really good singer . she sings better than tata young xD haha but yeah . really recommend this song . but it would be better if she had more slow songs :]

5 out of 5 stars Love kat!
Reviewer : tk
From : sparkle city

Definetly going to get this album...support kat 100%. The song 'i think i' is the song from the kdrama 'full house' and I just love the thai version kat sing....gosh cant wait to get it! I think kat should do an english album b/c like others I think her english and her strong vocal are better than tata!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Kat musie is way better then tata!
Reviewer : Khanittha
From : Huntsville, AL USA

Most of kat songs have more meaning then tata, its tell u of how she feel at the moment when she said it. Her songs it sooooooooo cool and romance. It made u think of the time u and ur bf/gf and how u feel toward them. Tata songs doesn't have that and kat song make it even better! I can't wait to listen to it!!

5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer : kD*
From : CA

totally agree with all of you on the comments, Kat iS better than Tata. i do like both, but i just love Kat's soothing voice.. Kat projects her music so well that it feels like she's singing right in front of you, you can actually feel the music u kno?? Kat is like, one of my fav. role models/singer.. so beautiful and talented! =)

5 out of 5 stars great artist
Reviewer : Amanda
From : AZ, USA

????????????? to answer your question....kat's song mostly have real good meanings, some more than others, but all her songs are good. she's really stepped it up in this album from her last one. i really like her song...i think i. i can't wait to get her cd either!!!

5 out of 5 stars GREAT!!
Reviewer : lindsey
From : ID, USA

i totally agree with the person that said kat is better than tata...i dun like tata personally tho. more and more of her songs look more like porn each time she comes out...like the song...

5 out of 5 stars Why Tata and not Kat?
Reviewer :
From : Boston, MA

This album is really good! I honestly don't know why Tata Young is more represented then Kat when kat is really good at both thai and english! You'll love these song! I really recommend it! :D

5 out of 5 stars ??????????????
Reviewer :


5 out of 5 stars wow!
Reviewer :
From : usa

she's the best! so much better than tata's english album! Kat's the best if you like tata you haven't heard nothing yet!

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